Earlier this year, I signed up for a training program at my local gym to run in a half-marathon.  I had never run anywhere near this distance (13.1 miles), and certainly didn’t think I would be able to actually run this distance.

But, I joined and was assigned to a group of 8 individuals, several of which were experienced runners.  I’m a big fan of group training, and I thought that at least I would get some good running in.

Over the course of the ensuing weeks, I trained using the guide which was provided, and met my team on Wednesday nights for the team runs.  We gradually trained, adding miles–For the first time, I ran 7, then 8, 9 and 10.  Finally, a few weeks before the event, I ran 12.54 miles at a 2 hour 15 minute pace–faster and farther than I ever thought I could run.

May 6th came, and at 7:40 a.m. I was off!  Two hours, 8 minutes and 47 seconds later, I crossed the finish line!  I had run the entire course, including a lap of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway (I had 1 stop for a biobreak–42 seconds).  I had planned on a 10 minute average pace, which would have been 2:11:00, but I beat that.  IMG_0210

I was very happy, and when I reflect on this, I realize I’ve been building the last few years on my burgeoning yoga practice.  Indeed, as I run, I breath deep and send the breath to all parts of my body, thanking each for it’s contribution.

And now, the bug has bitten.  I love distance running…


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